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This page includes a range of news related to Independent Planning Commission work. It also lists details of decisions on applications made to the Commission for access to information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act).

For all media enquiries you can contact the Independent Planning Commission by calling 0436 678 548 or emailing



    * Modification to Cobaki Concept Plan Approval (Determined 5/04/2018)

IPC media statement

    * Eastern Creek Energy from Waste Facility (11/04/2018)

- IPC media statement

    * Integra Underground Mine Modification (Determined 16/04/2018)

        - IPC media statement

    * Woolooware Bay Town Centre Modification (Determined 18/04/2018)

                - IPC media statement 


    * The Planning Assessment Commission becomes The Independent Planning Commission (1/03/2018)

    * Jupiter Wind Farm Application Withdrawn (15/03/2018)

Jupiter Wind Farm Proposal Withdrawn

IPC Media Statement

EPYC Notice

           * United Wambo open cut coal mine project modifications (Determined 26/03/2018)

               - IPC Media Statement

               - United Wambo Review Report_Final

               - United Wambo Review Report Fact Sheet_Final


    *  Invincible Colliery Southern Extension Modification 5 (Determined 2/02/2018)

Fact Sheet Invincible 

    * Hunter Valley Operations South Modification (Determined 28/02/2018)

HVO Media Statement


    *  Moorebank Intermodal Precinct East Stage 2 and Concept Plan MOD 2 - D495/17 (Determined 31/01/2018) 

- Fact Sheet Moorebank

* Shoalhaven Starches Ethanol Expansion Project MOD 13 (Determined 18/01/2018)
- Link to Determination Report



  * Port Waratah Coal Services Terminal 4 MOD 1 - D496/17 (Determined 6/12/2017) 
- Link to Determination Report

* Rocky Hill Coal Project Stratford Extension Project MOD 1 - D489/17 (Determined 12/12/2017)

- Fact Sheet Rocky Hill Coal Project

* Beryl Solar Farm - D488/17 (Determined 05/12/2017)

- Fact Sheet Beryl Solar Farm

* Mortdale Resource Recovery Facility, Hearne Street Mortdale - D494/17 (Determined 20/12/2017)

- Fact Sheet Mortdale Resource Recovery Facility SSD 7421

* Wambo Coal Mine MOD 17 - D493/17 (Determined 20/12/2017)

- Wambo MOD 17 Fact Sheet


   * Pilliga Narrabri CSG Study Tour

Pilliga CSG study tour notes

           * Modification to Old Clare Hotel Block 3A Central Park Project Approval - D487/17 (Determined 27/11/2017)

Fact Sheet_Old Clare Hotel_MOD 3


   * Kurnell Refinery Conversion Works MOD 2 - D486/17 (Determined 27/10/2017)

   * Modification to Edmondson Park South Concept Plan MOD 4 - D479/17 (Determined 12/10/2017)

Edmondson Park South MOD 4 Fact Sheet


  * Integra to Mount Owen Complex Water Pipeline MOD 1 and MOD 7 - D481/17 (Determined 15/09/2017)

Link to Integra to Mount Owen Determination Report

  * Blue Scope Steel Paint Line Facility MOD 6 Erskine Park D480/17 (Determined 12/09/2017)

Link to Blue Scope Steel Determination Report

  * Wetherill Park Transfer Station, 20 Davis Road, Wetherill Park SSD 7267 - D478/17 (Determined 11/09/2017)

Link to Wetherill Park Transfer Station Determination Report

  * Shoalhaven Starches Ethanol Expansion Project MOD 11 and MOD 12 - D477/17 (Determined 01/09/2017)

Link to Shoalhaven Determination Report

  * Building R4A and Building R4B Barangaroo South - D475/17 (Determined 07/09/2017)

Link to Barangaroo South Determination Report

  * Cultural Events Site, Tweed Valley Way and Jones Road Yelgun - D474/17 (Determined 12/09/2017)

1 Summary Fact Sheet


  * Cobaki Estate Project MOD 4 - D476/17 (Determined 31/08/2017)

Link to Cobaki Determination Report

  * GIPA Request Gunlake Quarry Extension Project / LEC Appeal (2017 /0010866)

Request letter

Decision Letter


  * The Dan Land Residential Subdivision MOD 3 - D473/17 (Determined 04/07/2017)

Link to the Dan Land Determination Report


  * Australian Technology Park MOD 1 - D472/17 (Determined 26/06/2017)

Link to ATP Determination Report

  * Mangoola Coal Project MOD 8 - D471/17 (Determined 14/06/2017)

Link to Mangoola Determination Report

  * Request for Gateway Review to Rezone land from RU2 Rural Landscape to R5 Large Lot Residential The Oaks Wollondilly - A078/17 (Completed 19/06/2017)

Link to Advice and Recommendation

  * Stamford Grand Redevelopment Macquarie Park MOD 9 - D470/17 (Determined 01/06/2017)

Link to Stamford Determination Report

  * Ministerial call-in request Royal North Shore Hospital Health Administration Building MCI 8199 - A077/17 (Completed 02/06/2017)

Link to Advice and Recommendation

 * GIPA Request Wilpinjong Second Request

- Request Letter

Decision Letter

 * GIPA Request Narrabri CSG

Request Letter

- Acknowledgement Letter

Decision Letter

IPCN Presentation Final GLNG trip

CSG Study Trip Notes

David McNamara Diary

Environmental Authority Approval Process

Meeting with Queensland Government Minutes

Narrabri CSG Agendas Santos

Narrabri CSG Agendas QLD GOVT

NSW Commissioner Tour


IPCN Visit Inbox_Redacted

Pages from 03 Project Description Section 3 FINAL PUBLIC

QLD Govt Outbox_Redacted

QLD Govt INBOX Redacted

Santos Inbox_Redacted

Santos Outbox_Redacted


Previous GIPA Requests

  * Moorebank Intermodal Terminal

Request Letter

Response Letter

  * Wilpinjong First Request

Request Letter

Decision Letter

Weekly IPCN Reports

Agency Redacted

Agency Redacted1

Agencies Redacted2

Agencies Redacted3

 * Biala Wind Farm

Request Letter

Interim Response Letter

Response Letter